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CH10 – Hydrate Lab

Dates P4 – Thursday, February 1st P5 – Thursday, February 1st P7 – Friday, February 2nd Lab Day – Notes demonstration – lighting bunsen burner demonstration – handling crucible and … Continue reading


CH38 – Polarity Lab

Dates P4 – Wednesday, November 29th P5 – Wednesday, November 29th P7 – Wednesday, November 29th Lab Day (woohoo!) procedure notes safety notes LNB notes Lab Debrief what did you … Continue reading


CP13 – RXN Lab

Date Friday, September, 22nd Lab Day! Lab set up Lab Safety Use of LNB Distilled Water bottles push in chairs toothpicks scoopula waste beaker lab station numbering working in pairs … Continue reading


CP12 – Reaction Types

Date Thursday, September 21st New Idea – Reaction Types Handout in GDrive Focus on four types Combination (synthesis) Decomposition Single Displacement Double Diplacement Examples Lab Next Class Explores Reaction Types … Continue reading


CP15 – Hydration

Date Tuesday, Febraury 14th Long Block – Part 1: Hydrate Lab is your LNB prepared? bunsen burner instruction what is data? what are calculations? location of materials disposal of materials … Continue reading


CH12 – The Crucible

Dates P1 – Tuesday, February 7th P3 – Wednesday, February 8th P5 – Wednesday, Febraury 8th Lab Day! is your LNB prepared? what is data? what are calculations? location of … Continue reading


CP07 – Units! Units! Units!

Date Thursday, January 27th Lab Check-In what did you find? what challenges did you encouter when writing the report? Share your mass / volume data [LINK] Add all class data to … Continue reading


CP02 – Measurement

Date Thursday, January 12th Activity – Measurement Lab Measurement Lab Instructions inside the shared GDrive folder complete all work in LNB Q: Why are we doing this? Homework Finish all … Continue reading


CHCP35 – Polarity Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, November 29th P3 – Wednesday, November 30th P5 – Thursday, December 1st P7 – Thursday, December 1st Lab Day Conduct the lab during class, including the … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 08

Date Friday, January 22nd Lab Day; Solubility vs Temperature Disposal: lots of water and you can dispose of the materials down the sink Use Pasco probes for temperature Option of … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 07

Date Wednesday, January 20th LNB 2.0 – Conversation conversation about better guidelines for LNB how to streamline lab prep and LNB use without giving up benefits review post [LINK] and … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 49 & 50

Dates Period B: Wednesday, April 29th Period D: Wednesday, April 29th Period G: Friday, May 1st Thursday, April 30th – Library Research Lab Activity – Intermolecular Forces Overview – students … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 42

Date Wednesday, November 19th Lab Recap What are the main concepts? What are the calculations? What are the limitations / uncertainties? LNB due on Friday New Material – Bonding basis … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 39/40/41

Dates Thursday, November 13th – Tuesday, November 18th Laboratory Investigation 12 – Handwarmer Design Challenge Pre-Lab Assignment (found in Lab Manual) Watch Animation [LINK] Answer Pre-Lab Questions (p. 98) Read … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 37

Dates Period B: Monday, November 10th Periods D, G: Tuesday, November 11th Lab – Precipitates Purpose – The purpose of this lab is to observe precipitation reactions and to write … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 21/22/23/24

Dates Monday, October 6th Tuesday, October 7th Thursday, October 9th Friday, October 10th Lab 02 – Determination of Composition Using Color Day 1 – Plan Activities groups need to make … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 21 / 22

Background Many salts that have been crystallized from a water solution appear to be perfectly dry, yet when heated they yield large quantities of water. The crystals change form, even … Continue reading


Lab Notebooks – LNB

You will be required to use a lab notebook throughout the remainder of this course, starting with the lab final for the Fall semester. This will serve as your lab … Continue reading