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Chemistry Honors – Class 13



  • Periods A – Thursday, September 19th
  • Periodc C, D – Friday, Septmber 20th

Activity – Line Spectra

  • Introduction to spectroscope
    • what it does
    • how to hold and use
    • practice on sunlight
  • Different Spectra Tubes
    • walk around the room and view each tube
    • draw each on your iPad
    • do your best to get the essence of each
  • Discussion
    • how would you characterize the sun light?
    • how does this compare to the light from the tubes?
    • what explanations could be offered to help explain this?


  • Chapter Notes: 11.1 – 11.5
  • Focus on the terms that are bold
  • Don’t worry if it is confusing – this will serve as a starting place for the next class


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