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AP Chemistry: Class 16

Period E – Thursday, September 26th

Lab Day Notes

  • cleaning and prepping crucible
  • setting up vacuum apparatus
  • how much of each salt to use?


  • Calculations, Analysis, Conclusion in LNB

POST-LAB NOTES (Friday, September 27th)

For those who were in class on Thursday, the lab did not yield full results. This was due to the fact that the filter paper did not properly remove the formed crystals from the solution. Therefore, I am writing sample data for everyone to use to complete the lab. Please treat this data the same as if you collected it yourself.

  • Mass Crucible + Filter Paper = 19.6827 g
  • Mass CaCl2 used = 0.4113 g
  • Mass carbonate salt used = 0.2872 g
  • Mass Crucible, Filter Paper, Precipitate = 20.0563 g


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