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Chemistry Honors – Class 24



  • Periods A, C, D – Friday, October 11th

Quiz (short)

  • writing formulas

Exam Basics

  • formulas to names
  • names to formulas
  • only periodic table provided
  • all three types of naming

Practice & Review

  • Homework Check – Google Drive iPad app
  • All assigned homework – take out and examine

Extra Credit

  • iPad app = Mahjong Chem (download)
    • oxidation
    • polyatomic ions
    • molecular or ionic
    • elemental symbols (advanced)
  • highest score (lowest time) wins
  • extra credit for student doing best in each game
  • must use “X Board” layout
  • Leader Board [LINK]
  • upload a screen shot to YOUR Dropbox folder for me to see


  • study for exam
  • practice, practice, practice


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