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AP Chemistry: Class 24

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Period E – Thursday, October 17th

Katie Lim – Research Presentation

  • summer work @ UCDavis
  • Title = Mechanism of the first electron reduction of CO2 to methanol on TiO2

New Material

  • Lab Recap
    • what were we trying to find?
    • what limitations existed in the lab?
    • how do I prove that the premise of the lab is true?
    • write-up due tomorrow in LNB
  • Thermochemistry Practice
    • 1st Law of Thermodynamics
    • Calorimetry
    • Enthalpy of a Process
    • Hess’s Law


  • Lab Work: calculations, analysis, conclusion (LNB)
  • There will be no formal lab report so make sure your work is extra special in your LNB, following all the guidelines.


You cannot determine the identity of the carbonate because the calcium chloride is the limiting reactant in the reaction. Gravimetric analysis only works when the precipitate is tied to the desired limiting reactant.


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