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Chemistry Honors – Class 31



  • Period A – Friday, November 1st
  • Periods C, D – Monday, November 4th

Solubility Quiz

  • students given names of formulas
  • must write formulas
  • must determine solubility on water
  • must identify the rule(s) that apply

Clarification of Solubility Rules (from textbook page 172)

  1. All nitrate (NO3-1) salts are soluble
  2. All alkali metal salts and ammonium (NH4+1) salts are soluble
  3. Most halide (group 17) salts are soluble (exceptions: Ag+1, Pb+2, Hg2+2)
  4. Most sulfate (SO4-2) salts are soluble (exceptions: Ba+2, Pb+2, Ca+2)
  5. Hydroxide (OH-1) salts not soluble (exceptions: group 1 and group 2)
  6. Salts of sulfides (S-2), carbonates (CO3-2) and phosphates (PO4-3) are not soluble

Ionic Reaction Writing Practice

  • Write the formulas for the following
    • (A) silver nitrate
    • (B) potassium iodide
    • (C) zinc nitrate
    • (D) copper (II) chloride
    • (E) sodium chloride
    • (F) lead (II) nitrate
    • (G) potassium sulfate
  • Determine all of the possible combinations
  • Write the full molecular, full ionic, net ionic reactions for each combination


  • Prepare for the Precipitate Lab (lab sheet in shared folder)
  • Write all preparation on paper and bring to lab next period


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