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AP Chemistry: Finishing the Semester


As we approach the end of the semester, it is helpful to take a step back and see what we have done and where we are going. Obviously this is fast-paced course, and in case you need a reminder, this is where we have been so far

  • Ch. 1 – Measurement
  • Ch. 2 – Atoms
  • Ch. 3 – Stoichiometry & Moles
  • Ch. 4 – Reactions
  • Ch. 5 – Thermodynamics Part 1
  • Ch. 6 – Quantum Mechanics
  • Ch. 7 – Periodic Trends and Properties (current topic)

That is roughly seven chapters in just over two months – holy s*%@$ that’s a lot of chemistry! We have three chapters to go before the final exam, in addition to the lab final. It looks like this:

  • Ch. 7 – Periodic Trends (3 classes)
  • Exam: Ch. 6, 7
  • Ch. 8, 9 – Bonding (6 classes)
  • Exam: Ch. 8, 9
  • Ch. 10 – Gases (4 classes)
  • Exam: Ch 10
  • Lab Final (2 classes)
  • Review for written final (1 class)

That is a total of 19 classes remaining before the final exam, which means there is no rest for the weary. Don’t worry, all of the exam dates are already entered on the Rjenda web site, as is the lab final. What I ask of you is to just do your best and keep plugging away, moving forward. Sometimes it makes it worse to get hung up on missing pieces or worrying about putting it all together. One step at a time – one breath at a time is all you need to do.


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