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Chemistry Honors – Class 41

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride


  • Period A – Thursday, November 21st
  • Periods C, D – Friday, November 22nd

Video 1 – “A Matter of State” (see video series [LINK])

  • Questions
    • The video states that states of matter may be changed. What is needed to make this possible
    • What is the relationship between the temperature and pressure of a gas?
    • Describe, at the molecular level, how temperature affects the pressure of a gas.
    • How does the collapsing can demo work. Draw diagrams of before, during, and after the heating.
    • How is liquefied natural gas produced?
    • What are some uses of liquid nitrogen?
    • Why does the process of perspiration cool a person?
    • Describe the element bromine in its three states.
    • What happens to the particles in bromine as it is cooled?
    • What does the shape of a crystal tell us about its internal structure?

Video 2 – “Water” (see video series [LINK])

  • Questions
    • What is the annual rate of consumption of water per person? What percent of this is for agricultural purposes?
    • What are the main uses of water in industry?
    • How does the mass of a water molecule compare to common gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide?
    • What is meant by a polar molecule?
    • What is hydrogen bonding?
    • What are some properties of water that are due to hydrogen bonding?
    • What is unusual about the density of ice compared to the density of water?
    • Briefly describe the dissolving process.
    • What generalization may be made about whether or not one material will dissolve in another?
    • Why is there controversy about the amount of various chemicals that may be found in a sample of water?


  • Make sure you have answered the questions and submitted to Dropbox
  • Note – neatness matters 🙂


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