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AP Chemistry: Class 43 & Class 44

Hot Air Balloon

Period E – Friday, November 22nd and Tuesday, November 26th

Gas Laws Lab Investigation

  • Purpose
    • The goal of the lab is to determine the relationships between the three primary properties of an ideal gas
    • The goal of the lab is to use this to determine one gas law that governs these three properties.
  •  Background Theory
    • In the final report it is necessary to provide the proper background on several topics.
    • All of this research comes from other sources – you must cite your sources properly
    • What does the theory state about these relationships?
    • How does KMT connect to each of these quantities and relationships?
    • What is the expected result?
    • Terms & Ideas to consider
      • pressure, temperature, volume
      • STP
      • ideal gas law
      • partial pressure
      • mole fraction
      • diffusion and effusion
  • Procedure / Logistics
    • data collection will use the PASCO probe wear (linked to the iPad)
    • students will use glassware found in the classroom sets
    • each group must be mindful of collecting enough data to draw a conclusion
    • how will each variable be controlled?
    • each group must have a detailed procedure written along with prepared data tables
    • students will be expected to use Excel to analyze data


  • prepare the pre-lab for the lab investigation
  • each group must enter work on the shared document provided for each group
  • Final formal lab report due: Thursday, December 5th
  • Gas Laws Quiz: Thursday, December 5th
  • LNB will be collected on the same day


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