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Chemistry Honors – Class 43



  • Period A – Tuesday, November 26th
  • Periods C, D – Monday, December 2nd

Thinking about the exam and the project…

  • One of the goals of the project is to prepare for the exam this week. So the project isn’t just a list of ideas but how they connect with each other. Below is a list of guiding questions for you to include in your project as a way to extend and prepare for the exam:
    • Textbook Questions – Ch 14 (22, 25, 27, 28, 35, 36, 46)
    • Explain a way to make water boil (other than raising temperature)
    • What is the difference between evaporation and boiling?
    • Explain the graph posted in this post
    • Compare the strength of different types of intermolecular forces


  • Work on the group project
  • Project Due – Dec 4th / 5th
  • Test on Chapter – Dec 4th / 5th


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