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AP Chemistry: Class 45 & 46

Can you explain this?

Can you explain this?

Period E – Monday, December 2nd

Big Questions – Gas Laws Terms and Ideas (for Test on Thursday)

  • Pressure, temperature, volume – micro vs macro ideas
  • Avogadro’s hypothesis – SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT! (Chi)
  • Gas law relationships – working all of the angles from just PV=nRT
  • Gas stoichiometry – Moles, baby! Moles!
  • Molar mass of a gas from density – does identity matter?
  • Kinetic Molecular Theory – graphs and collisions
  • Temperature and KE of gas particles – what’s up with that?
  • Non-ideality of gases – when does PV=nRT not apply and why? (really)

Practice Questions

  • Practice problems have been uploaded to the shared documents folder
  • In this folder are eight (8) AP problems
  • Solutions to these are found on the AP Exam website
  • Your exam will include up to three of these problems (or very similar)
  • There will be no multiple choice questions on the exam


  • Final formal lab report due: Monday, December 9th
  • Gas Laws Test: Thursday, December 5th


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