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AP Chemistry – Class 3



  • Period E – Friday, January 10th

Big Idea: How can we determine the energy needed to change water from liquid to vapor?

Lab Notes

  • Be sure and collect all appropriate information
  • We will use digital data collectors for the temperatures


  • initial height “h” (mm)
  • Pair (inches Hg) from
  • Volume in cylinder (mL) every 5°C
  • Temperature of water (°C) every 5°C (or so) using iPad

Homework & Looking Ahead

  • All lab calculations due Tuesday
  • Be sure and plot appropriate data using Excel (or similar)
  • Enter all information in LNB
  • Compare to known value
  • NOTE: if you send me a spreadsheet (or share one) with your raw data I may be able to post your results for you. This offer only applies to those who send data only…


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