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AP Chemistry – Final Lab Project

Dates Tuesday, December 8th Wednesday, December 9th Friday, December 11th Tuesday, December 15th Project Setup Class divided into four groups (see assignments below) Each person has different role (see descriptions … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Final Lab Project

Dates Class Meetings 49, 50, 51 (starts on December 7th) Final Exam Meeting Period (Finals week starts December 14th) Day 1 – Preparation read the handout posted for the assignment … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Lab Final

Overview The lab final will consist of performing and reporting on a lab conducted during the final exam period. Before the final period each student will prepare the purpose, procedure, background … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Classes 18-20

Dates (Spirit Week Schedule) Period E – Tuesday, February 11th Period E – Thursday, February 13th Period E – Friday, February 14th Equilibrium Practice Problems Lots of examples How do … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 17

Dates Period E – Monday, February 10th Equilibrium Practice Problems Lots of examples How do we solve these? Homework Ch. 15 (48, 54, 55, 57)


AP Chemistry – Class 16

Dates Period E – Thursday, February 6th New Material – Equilibrium Oh boy, here we go… Kinetics… Equilibrium (it’s all related) Lots of calculations (woobie time!) Homework Notes – Ch. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 15

Dates Period E – Wednesday, February 5th Kinetics Quiz Yup… that’s the plan Ask questions for a while beforehand Homework Finish lab (for those who have not done so)


AP Chemistry – Class 14

Dates Period E – Tuesday, February 4th Kinetics Problem Practice Extra Practice Problems in Shared Folder Be sure and complete all of them Quiz on ONE problem during class tomorrow … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 12 & Class 13

Dates Period E – Thursday, January 30th Period E – Friday, January 31st Lab Day (Thursday) Lab conducted as a whole class combine data to form one lab result 4 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 11

Dates Period E – Tuesday, January 28th Kinetics Problem Solving Sample problems in shared folder Lab Preview Kinetics Lab Next Class Lab Prep in LNB Homework Finish AP problems Lab … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10

Sigh… [LINK] Dates Period E – Monday, January 27th New Material – How fast does a reaction proceed? Chapter overview (finish PPT) Homework Finish Ch. 14 Notes


AP Chemistry – Class 9

Dates Period E – Friday, January 24th New Material – How fast does a reaction proceed? Kinetics introduction Basic concepts Focus on big mathematical relationships Homework Ch. 14 Notes


AP Chemistry – Class 8

Dates Period E – Wednesday, January 22nd Finishing Lab Filter the precipitate generated on the first day of the lab place into the oven to dry NOTE: find final mass … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 7

Dates Period E – Tuesday, January 20th Important PreLab Questions (Quiz?) How do I know how much NaCl to add to insure precipitation of all of the silver ion in … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 6

Dates Period E – Thursday, January 16th Overview of Chapter 13 shared file of Ch 13 images Activity – explain each one (why included?) recap with the class Preview of … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 5

Dates Period E – Wednesday, January 15th Homework Review heating / cooling curves phase change calculations phase diagrams final review of chapter 11 Homework Ch. 13 Notes (13.1 – 13.3)


AP Chemistry – Class 4

Dates Period E – Tuesday, January 14th Lab Recap be prepared to do lab before you start data vs calculations using Excel to plot and determine an answer New Material … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 3

Dates Period E – Friday, January 10th Big Idea: How can we determine the energy needed to change water from liquid to vapor? Lab Notes Be sure and collect all … Continue reading