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AP Chemistry – Class 6

Silver Dimes


  • Period E – Thursday, January 16th

Overview of Chapter 13

  • shared file of Ch 13 images
  • Activity – explain each one (why included?)
  • recap with the class

Preview of Lab

  • The pre-lab is to be done in the LNB showing all work in the same was homework is done. You may have to do some background reading to complete some of the parts of the assignment
  • The lab will take two days so be sure and generate your crystal by the end of the first class period. The second part will need to be done outside of class. This includes the filtration and drying of the final crystal. Be sure and schedule this with your teacher.

Lab Skillz Notes

  • Acid Safety – Sodium Bicarbonate for spills
  • fume hood for reactions to clear the emitted gases
  • using analytical balance
  • using a pipette and pipette bulb for nitric acid
  • washing and rinsing using distilled water


  • Lab Prep in LNB


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