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AP Chemistry: Class 27

Reading a Burette


  • Period E – Friday, March 7th

Titration Lab

  • Lab Groups
    • Gopher, Captain, Benzene
    • Princess, Coder, Ben
    • Truth, Sophomore
    • Ugh, Apron, Phosphine
    • Methane, Kracken, Plebe
  • Lab Process
    • Goal – standardize HCl acid solution using known NaOH solution
    • 2Methods – phenolphthalein &  digital data
    • Condition the burette before
    • run multiple trials
    • how do I know the volume of one drop of solution?
    • how do I read volumes on the burette?
    • NOTE: you are not inventing a new procedure rather you are researching a proven method for titration


  • Textbook Homework (17.43)
  • Quiz on Monday (first 10 minutes of class – weak acid titration)
  • Lab Report in LNB due Wednesday


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