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AP Chemistry: Class 28



  • Period E – Monday, March 10th

Titration Quiz

  • One question – Three parts – 15 minutes maximum
  • Writing reactions necessary
  • Strong vs Weak acid knowledge needed
  • Ka, Kb, pKA, pKb, Kw, pKw
  • titration calculations

Titration Lab Completion Notes

  • Be sure and calibrate the sensor with available known pH solutions
  • Need two trials of each approach
  • Q: how does the indicator work? Hint: it’s a weak acid
  • Q: how can you determine the equivalence point using a pH sensor?
  • Note – do not use the “easy answer” for these lab questions
  • Q: why did you use two methods? are they supposed to give the same answer?


  • Lab Report in LNB due Wednesday
  • NOTE – no late LNB work accepted as in the past


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