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Chemistry Honors – Class 30

Boyle's Law


  • Period A – Wednesday, March 12th
  • Periods C, D – Tuesday, March 13th

Return Exam

  • using “train tracks” is always the preferred way when possible without getting intermediate answers
  • be sure and state the overall principle using equations (without numbers ) at the start
  • solve without numbers where possible
  • show your work logically and in a step-wise manner (make it easy to see your work)

Lab Activity – Boyle’s Law

  • Lab handout in the “Laboratory” folder
  • Follow the directions for the lab
  • record all information in your LNB


  • Finish answering lab questions in LNB
  • this is NOT a formal lab but you should be clear and concise with all information

FYI – Lab Analysis Questions (WE NEVER “CONNECT THE DOTS”)

  • In your lab notebook you should plot a graph of the volume (“Y”) as a function of the pressure (“X”) of the gas. Be sure and take time to make a clear graph that occupies most of the lab page (it should be the only thing on the lab page). A ruler is your best friend.
  • Draw the smoothest line possible through the data. You should use a pencil to sketch a line before finalizing your result using a pen in your lab notebook.
  • If the result is NOT a straight line, identify a graph that could be plotted that would produce a straight line using this data,
  • What type of relationship exists between the pressure and volume of a gas?
  • What factors impacted your collecting the data? How did they impact your result?How does this relationship compare to the known relationship as expressed by Boyle’s Law?


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