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AP Chemistry: Class 39

What is the point of this picture?

What is the point of this picture?


  • Period E: Wednesday April 2nd

New Material – Electrochemistry (in class work)

  • NOTE – I am off campus all day today on a field trip – w00t!
  • In-Class Work in pairs or small groups
  • Take Chapter Notes: Chapter 20.1, 20.3, 20.4
  • NOTE – these should include appropriate sample problems
  • Watch the video embedded in this post and take notes
  • Work on Textbook problems (Ch. 20 – 17, 28)

Notes About the Exam

  • The material is complex and difficult to digest – give yourself a break
  • The answer keys are posted online on the AP web site
  • Many of you are still not including units and not showing enough process (Booo!)
  • Those complaining about calculators should practice using classroom set if you feel you need more expertise


  • Ch. 20 (17, 28)
  • NOTE – At this time I am not accepting any work that was not collected at the time of the exam. The AP Problems that did not meet the guidelines for submitting at that time will not be collected at this point, although you are encouraged to hold on to them for future use.
  • NOTE – there is no plan on offering a retake of this past exam – we are moving forward!
  • Only 11 class meetings remain before the AP Exam!



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