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Chemistry Honors – Class 46 & Class 47




  • Periods A, C, D: Wednesday, April 23rd
  • Periods A, C: Thursday, April 24th, Period D: Friday April 25th

Lab Preview – Concepts

  • neutralization reaction
  • vinegar and acetic acid
  • titration = process
  • phenolphthalein
  • Q: what doesn’t it matter how much water is added to the acid?
  • Q: how do you spell phenolphthalein?
  • Q: What does it mean to condition the buret?
  • Q: How many digits does each measurement have?
  • NOTE: Known molarity of acetic acid in vinegar = 0.856 M


  • Finish Preparation for the Lab Day
  • Complete calculations for the following day

Earth Day Extra Credit Options

  • Options
    • Carpool with 3+ people
    • Bike / Walk / Board to school
    • Train to SHP Van
  • Getting Credit
    • Check in with the official table at SHP when you arrive. NOTE: this is what as posted in the daily bulletin – “To report participation, freshmen, sophomores, and seniors can email and juniors can email All SHP students who participate will be entered in a raffle. Three winners will each get $25 iTunes gift certificates.”
    • Take a selfie of you DURING your trip to school
    • Upload picture to the “Lab Pictures” folder in Dropbox (NOT your folder)
    • Name the picture using your last name(s)
    • Must be present BEFORE 8:00 am Thursday
    • NOTE – it is OK to have fun and add more pictures


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