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Chemistry Honors – Class 48

Why isn't the pH =7 @ Equivalence?

Why isn’t the pH =7 @ Equivalence?


  • Periods A: Friday, April 25th
  • Periods C, D: Monday, April 28th

Acids & Bases (definitions and applications)

  • Bronsted-Lowry
  • Calculations
  • pH
  • Kw
  • pH Curve


  • Prep a lab to be able to conduct the EXACT SAME TITRATION as the previous lab except using a pH meter and not an indicator.
  • You do not need to duplicate any background theory in this prep that is present in the last one. You will need to add any new theory that discusses concepts not present in the prior lab.
  • We will use the PASCO equipment (and iPads)
  • NOTE – CH. 16 in textbook could be VERY useful


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