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Chemistry Honors – Class 57


Copper Zinc Cell

Copper Zinc Cell


  • Period A: Thursday, May 15th
  • Periods C, D: Friday, May 16th

Lab Activity – Homemade Battery

  • activity instructions in the shared folder
  • OK to explore beyond the parameters of the worksheet
  • report all ideas on a new separate page (Notability?)
  • share PDF in Dropbox folder (by end of class)
  • DO NOT submit the instructions at all with your final work
  • Last lab of the year – do you know how to show your work in an organized fashion?

Notes on the Activity

  • We will use cut strips of zinc and copper – we will NOT use the screws and straps as described in the lab
  • The voltmeter measures the electric energy generated by a battery (or anything that might have electric energy). To use, simply trun the main dial to the “2” setting in the left quadrant that has “V” next to a straight line. Measure voltage by touching the two leads (red and white) to the two sides of the battery
  • You may need to search for the best place to touch the battery as the metal (Zn and Cu) have been slightly oxidized over time and are covered with a thin film blocking the ability to touch the metal.
  • You will be able to use alligator wire clips to connect the meter to the battery and the battery to another battery. You should figure out which is the best way to do so.
  • You only need a small amount of NaCl to make the activity work and you should stir the solution to make sure the salt is completely dissolved.

Homework – Study for Electrochemistry Quiz

  • Covers Sections 18.1 – 18.6 (except 18.4)
  • assigning oxidation states
  • determination of reduction / oxidation
  • lab set-up and equipment functioning
  • lab reactions


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