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Chemistry Honors – Spring 2014 Final Exam

Stuck in the middle! (Physics is next…)

Exam Date and Time

  • Friday, May 30th
  • Session 2 (10:45 am – 12:15 pm)
  • NOTE – CSS students will start @ 9:00 am

Exam Structure

  • There are 45 M/C questions
  • All answers will be submitted on Scantron forms
  • Any support work written cleanly on the question sheet may be considered in an grade appeal
  • Students must bring their own calculators (graphing OK)
  • The written exam is worth approximately 10% of the final grade
  • Students will be provided a formula sheet and periodic table (no outside note cards).
  • NOTE – The formula sheet is posted in the shared drive for your review before the exam: “Final Exam Equations” (found in the “Quiz-Exam” folder)


  • The topics of the exam cover material learned only during the second semester
  • As the course teaches many concepts that overlap and build, there will be some topics on the exam that were introduced in the first semester
  • The list of topics and objectives is posted in the shared documents drive: “Final Exam Review” (found in the “Quiz-Exam” folder)

How Do I Study for This?

  • The objectives are a guide for students wishing to prepare for the exam and should be considered a checklist.
  • The recommended way of preparing for the exam is to use the list of objectives as a guide for practice.
  • That is to say, for each item the student should go back to class notes and sample problems to review and refresh on the topic.
  • Often the textbook has problems that were not assigned as homework but similar to the ones already completed as part of the course.
  • Attempting to solve these might be a good start.
  • While reviewing past problems (solved in class) has value, working problems not yet seen will provide the most benefit.


Because these things are important


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