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Chemistry Honors – Class 01

Graduated Cylinders

Graduated Cylinders


  • Periods B, D: Tuesday, August 26th
  • Period G: Wednesday, August 27th

Recap Introduction & To-Do List

  • Questions?
  • Problems?

Activity – Measurement

  • Place water into one of the paper cups on the table
  • Use the various devices to measure the volume of the water
  • measure the temperature of the water
  • Measure the length and width of the table
  • measure the mass of the water in the cup
  • measure the masses of the various objects on the table


  • What determines what you write down during a lab activity?
  • Which determines the device needed to make a measurement?
  • How certain are you of your measurement?
  • How much do you agree within your lab group?

Class Discussion

  • sharing data collected
  • patterns? ideas?


  • place PDF of class activity in shared Dropbox folder


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