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CH04 – SF Math

Dates P4 – Thursday, January 18th P5 – Thursday, January 18th P7 – Friday, January 19th Recap measuring with graduated cylinders what determines number of digits? Class Business Scientific Notation … Continue reading


CP03 – Sig Figs

Dates Friday, January 13th Lab Recap A – How many digits? Beaker (50-mL) Beaker (1000-mL) Graduated Cylinder (25-mL) Graduated Cylinder (100-mL) Graduated Cylinder (1000-mL) Flask (250-mL) Buret (50-mL) Glass Thermometer Digital … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 01

Dates Periods B, D: Tuesday, August 26th Period G: Wednesday, August 27th Recap Introduction & To-Do List Questions? Problems? Activity – Measurement Place water into one of the paper cups … Continue reading