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AP Chemistry – Class 04




  • Tuesday, September 2nd

Return Test & Homework

  • general comments about grades (no tyranny of the bucket)
  • reading question thoroughly
  • showing work neatly
  • Office Hours best time to ask specific questions
  • please don’t ask about retakes right now

Lab and the LNB

  • Next three classes we will be conducting two labs
  • Information should be recorded in the LNB (See guidelines)
  • labs will have open-ended inquiry
  • safety contract – sig and return

Previewing the Lab

  • What is a spectrometer?
  • What does it measure?
  • instruments – calibrate before using

Review Homework

  • mole calculations
  • molarity calculations


  • safety contract signature: ink on PDF and returned to shared folder – LINK
  • read manual for Spectronic 20 & take notes in LNB – LINK
  • read and take notes on Lab 01 procedure – LINK


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