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CP39 – Lab Prep

Date Monday, April 23rd Revisiting – Q = mcDT units? meaning? questions? Sample Problem Chapter 4 (24) set-up equations calculations Lab Day Prep Conduct a lab to determine identity of … Continue reading


CH10 – Hydrate Lab

Dates P4 – Thursday, February 1st P5 – Thursday, February 1st P7 – Friday, February 2nd Lab Day – Notes demonstration – lighting bunsen burner demonstration – handling crucible and … Continue reading


CP06 – Foil Lab

Dates Monday, January 22nd Aluminum Foil Lab – Procedure Part 1 – Density make sure the aluminum “shot” is dry make sure you take care to read graduated cylinder graph … Continue reading


CH05 – Foil Lab

Dates P4 – Monday, January 22nd P5 – Monday, January 22nd P7 – Monday, January 22nd Aluminum Foil Lab – Procedure Part 1 – Density make sure the aluminum “shot” … Continue reading


CH36 – FUN

Dates P4 – Friday, November 17th P5 – Friday, November 17th P7 – Friday, November 17th New Idea – IM Forces why do I care about molecule polarities? Actvity – … Continue reading


CH21 – PPT Lab

Dates P4 – Friday, October 13th P5 – Friday, October 13th P7 – Monday, October 16th Lab Day Notes distilled water bottle (refill) disposal of waste location of materials data … Continue reading


CP09 – Pennium

Date Tuesday, January 31st Class Business Video due date Sharing density data (see post for info) Turn in worksheet HW Recap Review homework questions How do I show process? Do … Continue reading


CP06 – Aluminum Foil Lab

Date Monday, January 23rd Lab Day! (woohoo!)) Why are we conducting this lab? What are the measureable outcomes? Lab Procedure [LINK] We will SHARE data as a class [LINK] Lab Processing … Continue reading


CH06 – The Demo

Dates P1 – Tuesday, January 24th P3 – Friday, January 20th P5 – Wednesday, January 25th (before and after lunch) Demonstration Project – Before Starting Draw a picture of your … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 54

MVP Dates Period A: Tuesday, May 10th Period B: Tuesday, May 10th Period F: Wednesday, May 11th Lab Day Notes no need for goggles or aprons more data = better … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 45

Dates Period F: Wednesday, April 20th Period A: Friday, April 22nd Period B: Friday, April 22nd Lab – Calorimetry crystalline solid = sodium nitrate (+20.50 kJ/mole) [LINK] recommended amount of … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 35

Dates Period A: Tuesday, March 22nd Period B: Tuesday, March 22nd Period F: Does not meet (will be made up later) Lab Work time in class to write the lab … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 33

Dates Period A: Thursday, March 17th Period B: Thursday, March 17th Period F: Friday, March 18th Titration Lab Design a procedure to conduct a titration lab next period Prep lab … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 21

Dates Period A: Tuesday, February 23rd Period B: Tuesday, February 23rd Period F: Wednesday, February 24th Lab Activity: Formula of an Oxide Lab Notes Dispose of solid from the lab in … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 20

Dates Period A: Monday, February 22nd Period B: Monday, February 22nd Period F: Tuesday, February 23rd Recap – Hydrate Lab what did you notice? how about the report? thoughts? questions … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Spirit Week 2016

Dates Monday, February 8th Tuesday, February 9th Thursday, February 11th Friday, February 12th Activity: Kinetics Lab Pre-Lab Notes solution concentrations need to match that needed by the procedure. will coordinate … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 16

Dates Period A: Friday, February 5th Period B: Friday, February 5th Period F: Monday, February 8th Quiz Limiting Reactants One problem scenario Que facil! New Material – Lab Prep we … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 14

Date – Tuesday, September 22nd Analysis of an Alloy results? factors impacting results lab report writing commentary In-Class Time work on Lab Report Homework Lab Report Due – Friday, September … Continue reading