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Chemistry Honors – Final Assessment

Christmas Spirit


  • Final Two Class Period Meetings (49 / 50)
  • Final Exam Period


  • Period B – Friday, December 12th
  • Period D – Tuesday, December 16th
  • Period G – Friday, December 19th
  • Final Period will start @ 9:00 am
  • Students will have up to three hours to complete the assessment

Part 1 – Exam Question (50 points)

  • 45 minute time frame
  • students work individually
  • “work-em-out” problem
  • one problem with multiple parts
  • will be provided with PT, ions, charges, solubilities
  • classroom calculators allowed – use pencil only
  • showing process and steps most important
  • TOPIC: solution chemistry with enthalpy of reaction

Part 2 – Lab Activity (50 points)

  • The purpose of the lab has two possibilities: to determine the identity of the unknown metal or to determine the change in enthalpy of an aqueous reaction or process.
  • Each student group (of two or three) will be given an unknown metal or reaction. Each group will design and conduct a lab to determine the identity of the metal or change in enthalpy. The students must use a calorimeter and digital temperature collection (PASCO) as part of their process. The students may additionally use other methods but this is not required.
  • The output is a lab report written in each student’s Lab Notebook. The report should follow all of the parts of the lab reporting process and be neatly conveyed.
  • The lab notebook will be submitted by the end of the period.


  • The last two class periods will be dedicated to studying and thinking about the lab.
  • There is no homework for those last two class periods and the LNB may not be taken home.
  • There is a discussion post in Schoology for questions
  • I will collect your LNB the final day of class – anything written directly into the LNB can be used
  • You will collaborate with a partner on the final lab report
  • The exam is worth 18% of your final grade (the syllabus states that it will be 20%)

NOTE – Parts in RED updated December 9th (Tuesday)


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