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Chemistry Honors – Class 01



  • Periods B, D: Tuesday, January 6th
  • Period G: Wednesday, January 7th

Fall Semester Final

  • Hand back LNB
  • Hand back written exams (answer key posted online)
  • Overall comments about semester grades

Schoology Enrollment Codes

  • Period B: TPTBT-FT593
  • Period D: 9HWJM-MMFV3
  • Period G: MZ8J6-5D4KK

New Material – Gases

  • Gases defined by several factors: what are they?
  • Pressure: force per area
  • Temperature: proportional to the movement of particles
  • Volume: space it occupies
  • Amount: number of particles

Ideal Gas Law

  • Relates these factors
  • PV = nRT
  • units matter / R = universal gas constant
  • example


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