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CH50 – The End

Dates P4 – Monday, May 21st P5 – Monday, May 21st P7 – Tuesday, May 22nd Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator … Continue reading


CP49 – Wrapping Up

Date Wednesday, May 16th Lab Recap two graphs – what do they mean? what kind of relationship is shown? turning in lab work New Idea – Gas Stoichiometry reactions… moles… … Continue reading


CP48 – Boyle

Date Monday, May 14th Lab Day Notes Vernier data collection Pressure – Volume data pairs Lab Calculations PV graph P vs 1/V graph What type of relationship is involved here? … Continue reading


CP47 – Initial & Final

Date Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law questions? challenges? Moving Along – What about gases changing conditions? Type 1 v Type 2 problem Initial v Final Conditions THE … Continue reading


CH46 – Changing

Dates P4 – Thursday, May 10th P5 – Friday, May 11th P7 – Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law Homework? Questions? New Idea – Changing Gas Conditions What … Continue reading


CP46 – Gas Laws

Date Thursday, May 10th Class Business gas lab will be Monday (Class 48) Recap – Pressure converting pressure units questions? New Idea – Ideal Gas Law PV = nRT parts … Continue reading


CH45 – Ideal Gas Law

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 9th P5 – Wednesday, May 9th P7 – Wednesday, May 9th Recap – Gases & Particles P, V, T, n –> PARTICLE VIEW Translating micro … Continue reading


CH44 – Gases

Dates P4 – Monday, May 7th P5 – Monday, May 7th P7 – Tuesday, May 8th Test 03 Hand back test Review test answers Review concepts Answer questions Lab Report … Continue reading


CP44 – Gases

Date Thursday, May 3rd Class Business test grading LNB grading lab report grading New Idea – Gases! This is the final unit of the year FYI – we will cover … Continue reading


CH47 – Partial Pressure

Dates P1 – Thursday, May 18th P3 – Thursday, May 18th P5 – Wednesday, May 17th Recap Homework Stoichiometry with gases questions? application of PV = nRT New Idea (final … Continue reading


CP47 – Boyle’s Law Lab

Date Wednesday, May 17th Lab Day! Instructions posted in shared folder (Boyle’s Law) Utilizes Vernier software and equipment Students should make sure they are ready to use the program as … Continue reading


CP44 – Gas Laws

Date Thursday, May 11th Recap Homework questions – Units? What is pressure? How is it measured? Activity – Properties of Gases [LINK] Properties Simulation (Java) Controlled Experiment Reminder Factors: P, V, … Continue reading


CH44 – Gas Laws

Dates P1 – Friday, May 12th P3 – Thursday, May 11th P5 – Tuesday, May 9th Recap Homework questions – Units? What is pressure? How is it measured? Activity – Properties … Continue reading


CH43 – Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 9th P3 – Tuesday, May 9th P5 – Monday, May 8th Class Business Remaining class meetings Other questions? New Idea: Gases Manometer / Barometer [LINK] … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 59

Dates Period A: Thursday, May 19th Period B: Thursday, May 19th Period F: Friday, May 20th Lab Recap Finish Calculations in class How do you calculate the molar volume of … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 54

MVP Dates Period A: Tuesday, May 10th Period B: Tuesday, May 10th Period F: Wednesday, May 11th Lab Day Notes no need for goggles or aprons more data = better … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 53

Dates Period A: Monday, May 9th Period B: Monday, May 9th Period F: Tuesday, May 10th Gases – Introduction (activity on iPad to share with Class) List five gases that … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 46 / 47 / 48

Dates Tuesday, December 1st Thursday, December 3rd Friday, December 4th Gas Laws Review practice problems posted in the Schoology content folder exam on Friday (12/4) over gas laws material Last … Continue reading