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AP Chemistry – Classes 12 / 13 / 14



  • Wednesday, January 28th
  • Friday, January 30th
  • Monday, February 2nd

Homework Review

  • questions about assigned work from Class 11
  • what are the big ideas?

New Topic: Kinetics

  • Kinetics = study of rate of reaction
  • How do we do this?
  • Kinetics Lab 1 – posted in Schoology


  • read the lab handout
  • prepare the lab so that you could set-up and do this lab starting Friday
  • Conduct the lab in class
  • Finish the lab activities by the end of class on Monday


  • lab report on the Kinetics activity in LNB
  • all data / calcs / analysis / conclusions
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT (even those absent Jan 28-30)
  • SHARE DATA and information
  • this is a whole-class lab assignment
  • (If you can’t submit Wednesday then turn it in when you can….)


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