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AP Chemistry: Spirit Week 2016

Dates Monday, February 8th Tuesday, February 9th Thursday, February 11th Friday, February 12th Activity: Kinetics Lab Pre-Lab Notes solution concentrations need to match that needed by the procedure. will coordinate … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 15

Date Thursday, February 4th Kinetics Recap: Differential Rate Laws (How fast!) rate depends upon concentration uses experiemntal data order does not depend upon overall reaction stoichiometry order reflects RDS of … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 14

Date Wednesday, February 3rd Kinetics Practice AP Problems Found in Schoology Folder Separate problem on each sheet New Ideas Reaction Mechanism Rate Determining Step Connections Homework Finish 3 AP Problems


AP Chemistry: Class 13

Date Tuesday, February 2nd Kairos Assignment Review Goals of the assignment feedback New Material – Kinetics How fast? How to represent? Examples of differential rate law Examples of calculating order … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 18 / 19 / 20

Dates Tuesday, February 10th Wednesday, February, 11th Friday, February 13th Spirit Week Work Work on Kinetics AP Exam problems follow the guidelines for submitting AP work Problems 2005-B-3 2008-B-2 2009-A-3 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 15 / 16 / 17

Date Wednesday, February 4th Thursday, February 5th Friday, February 6th Kinetics Lab Recap big ideas What are major factors? How do they impact results? New Material – Kinetics PPT posted … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 12 / 13 / 14

Dates Wednesday, January 28th Friday, January 30th Monday, February 2nd Homework Review questions about assigned work from Class 11 what are the big ideas? New Topic: Kinetics Kinetics = study … Continue reading