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AP Chemistry – Class 32

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  • Monday, March 16th

Advanced Thermochemistry

  • Overview
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)
  • Chapter 19 Practice Exercises 19.1 – 19.6 (Note: complete on Notability and submit as PDF to Schoology)
  • Chapter 19 notes (All sections)

Key Chapter Takeaways

  • spontaneous process, reversible process, irreversible process, and isothermal process. (19.1)
  • State the second law of thermodynamics. (19.2)
  • Predict the sign of DS for physical and chemical processes. (19.3)
  • Calculate standard entropy changes for a system from standard molar entropies. (19.4)
  • Calculate entropy changes in the surroundings for isothermal processes. (19.4)
  • Calculate the Gibbs free energy from the enthalpy change and entropy change at a given temperature. (19.5)
  • Use free-energy changes to predict whether reactions are spontaneous. (19.5)
  • Calculate standard free-energy changes using standard free energies of formation. (19.5)
  • Predict the effect of temperature on spontaneity given DH an DS (19.6)
  • Calculate DG under nonstandard conditions. (19.7)
  • Relate DG and equilibrium constant. (19.7)


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