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CP43 – Party On!

Date Wednesday, May 2nd Test Day! time to celebrate your success on this unit! questions are drawn from the worksheets in class all equations and constants provided Test Questions enthalpy … Continue reading


CH42 – Review

Dates P4 – Tuesday, May 1st P5 – Tuesday, May 1st P7 – Wednesday, May 2nd Review Day! thermo worksheets syllabus textbook problems! Test Information yes, I will provide you … Continue reading


CP41 – Reaction Energy

Date Friday, April 26th Calorimetry Lab turn in lab report comments? questions? turn in LNB New Idea – Reaction Energy every process has a change in energy energy is called … Continue reading


CH40 – “H” is for “Henthalpy”

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 25th P5 – Thursday, April 26th P7 – Friday, April 27th Lab Recap what did you determine for “c” ? what identity did you determine … Continue reading


CH37 – Heat Capacity

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 18th P5 – Thursday, April 19th P7 – Thursday, Apri 19th Recap Last Lesson First Law of Thermo Negative means “directon” (NOT less than zero) … Continue reading


CP37 – Calorimetry

Date Wednesday, April 18th Homework Terms kinetic energy potential energy conservation of energy joule – calorie specific heat New Idea – Heat Capacity how much energy to raise temperature different … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermo

Date P4 – Monday, April 16th P5 – Monday, April 16th P7 – Monday, April 16th New Idea – Energy warm-up activity types of energy phases <–> energy heat – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 46

Dates Period F: Monday, April 25th Period A: Monday, April 25th Period B: Monday, April 25th Question What happens when a “hot” object is placed in “cold” water? Calorimetry Lab … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: End of Semester

Dates Monday, April 4th (Class 36) Yadda, yadda, yadda Monday, May 2nd (Class 49) What’s Left 7 class meetings (content) 2 x Chapter Notes (PDF) 8 x AP Problems 1 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 38/39

Dates Monday, March 30th Tuesday, March 31st Finish Recap Thermodynamics review AP Problems being collected questions? Final Activity – Quiz Tuesday students will be tested on Thermodynamics (whole year) Each … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 36 / 37

Date Wednesday, March 25th Equilibrium and Free Energy relationship between DG and K examples AP Problems 11-B-3 09-A-5 08-B-6 Thursday work in-class on textbook problems (Class 35) and AP problems … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 35

Date Tuesday, March 24th Thermodynamics Class Work Write the question for each before solving Chapter 19 (25, 29a, 43, 53ab, 58, 65, 69, 83, 85, 112) Submit to Schoology as … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 32

Date Monday, March 16th Advanced Thermochemistry Overview PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1) Chapter 19 Practice Exercises 19.1 – 19.6 (Note: complete on Notability and submit as PDF to Schoology) Chapter 19 … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 44

Dates Periods B, D: Monday, November 24th Period G: Tuesday, November 25th Lab Submission Questions? Comments? Uncertainties in the lab? Note – there is no further lab work required. Make … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 39/40/41

Dates Thursday, November 13th – Tuesday, November 18th Laboratory Investigation 12 – Handwarmer Design Challenge Pre-Lab Assignment (found in Lab Manual) Watch Animation [LINK] Answer Pre-Lab Questions (p. 98) Read … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 30 / 31

Dates Tuesday, October 28, Wednesday, October 29 Exam Wednesday, October 29th 3 problems – work-’em-out non-graphing scientific calculator exactly like the practice exam (posted Schoology) PV Graph & First Law … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 29

Date Friday, October 24th Chapter 5 Review Make sure you take notes on Ch. 5 (posted as assignment) Page 195 – review of concepts and relevant equations Ch. 5 Exam … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 28

Date: Thursday, October 24th Homework Review 1st Law Calorimetry Enthalpy New Material – Enthalpies of Formation ‘ Hess’s Law Enthalpies of Formation Additive nature of DH Examples Homework Ch. 5 … Continue reading