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AP Chemistry – Class 40 / Class 41 / Class 42

Voltaic Cell


  • Monday, April 13th
  • Tuesday, April 14th
  • Wednesday April 15th

New Material – Electrochemistry (PDF of PPT in Schoology)

  • Identify oxidation, reduction, oxidizing agent, and reducing agent in a chemical equation. (Section 20.1)
  • Complete and balance redox equations using the method of half-reactions. (Section 20.2)
  • Sketch a voltaic cell and identify its cathode, anode, and the directions that electrons and ions move. (Section 20.3)
  • Calculate standard emfs (cell potentials), , from standard reduction potentials. (Section 20.4)


  • How do I determine voltage of a cell?
  • Working on textbook problems


  • Ch. 20 Notes – Due Thursday to Schoology
  • Ch. 20 Exercises (20.2 – 20.6) – Due Thursday to Schoology


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