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CH33 – Bond Polarity

Dates P4 – Monday, November 13th P5 – Monday, November 13th P7 – Monday, November 13th Quiz – Lewis Structures one formula total valence electrons Lewis structure Formal charge on … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: End of Semester

Dates Monday, April 4th (Class 36) Yadda, yadda, yadda Monday, May 2nd (Class 49) What’s Left 7 class meetings (content) 2 x Chapter Notes (PDF) 8 x AP Problems 1 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 43

Date Thursday, April 16th Electrochemistry Review textbook conceptual questions review – questions? AP Problems – Electrochemistry 02-A-2 02-B-7 03-B-6 06-B-2 10-B-2


AP Chemistry – Class 40 / Class 41 / Class 42

Date Monday, April 13th Tuesday, April 14th Wednesday April 15th New Material – Electrochemistry (PDF of PPT in Schoology) Identify oxidation, reduction, oxidizing agent, and reducing agent in a chemical … Continue reading