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Chemistry Honors – Classes 44 & 45



  • Period B: Monday, April 20th & Tuesday, April 21st
  • Period D: Monday, April 20th & Tuesday, April 21st
  • Period G: Tuesday, April 21st & Wednesday, April 22nd

Research Paper

  • Tuesday (or Wednesday) will be devoted to conducting research for the class research paper assignment
  • Students should meet in the library for in-class work time.

VSEPR Structure

  • Next step is determining the 3D structure
  • Tables 8.6, 8.7, 8.8 (pages 394-395)
  • Driving force – electron repulsion (3D)

Assignment (continuing from previous assignment)

  • Build 3D structure (using the models)
  • Take Picture of Structure (on top of the paper for Lewis structure)
  • Draw 3D picture (on paper)
  • Determine geometry of electrons around each atom (write on paper)
  • Determine molecule geometry (write on paper)
  • Determine molecule polarity (write on paper)
  • Determine bond angles (write on paper)




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