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Chemistry Honors – Research Paper



  • Class 39 = Topic Introduced (April 1st)
  • Class 40 = Work on topic ideas (April 13th)
  • Class 41 = Library Research (April 21)
  • Class 46 = Library Research (April 30th)
  • Class 51 = Paper Due (May 4th)

Structure of the Paper

  • Final Paper Text = 5 full pages
  • Cover Sheet
  • Works cited page (APA style)
  • Double Spaced – 1″ margins
  • 12pt Times New Roman
  • No direct quotes – paraphrase only
  • Soft copy submitted to Schoology for review
  • Hard copy printed and submitted to the teacher
  • Lucas Library page setup for our project [LINK]

Topic – you will be writing a research paper that addresses one of the following:

  • An scientific explanation to a phenomenon
  • The design and/or manufacturing of an article
  • The way how an instrument or machine works
  • A method that accomplishes some task relevant to chemistry
  • No biology/anatomy topics (or the impact of chemistry on biology)
  • List of student topics [LINK]

Grading Rubric

  • Organization (thesis, support, connections)
  • Depth of content exploration
  • Structure and documentation (citations, formatting, guidelines)
  • Quality of writing

Paper Elements

  • One page introduction
  • Three pages of topic explorations
  • One page conclusion
  • Divide your topic into three sub-parts
  • delve deeply and explore just three elements (don’t write about a broad subject)


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