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Chemistry Honors – Class 01


Yummy! Why are pancakes posted on this page?


  • Period A: Tuesday, August 25th
  • Period B: Tuesday, August 25th
  • Period F: Wednesday, August 26th

Class Business

  • iPad readiness
  • Schoology enrollment
  • Remind
  • Textbook purchase
  • Lab notebook purchase

Class Syllabus & Grades

  • what is a point bucket? how does this class operate? (IP)
  • syllabus chaos – organization of course topics (syllabus)

Classification of Matter

  • Look over the basic terms in section 1.10 (pp 27-31 of textbook)
  • Take notes on bold terms and definitions
  • Download the PDF chart from Schoology (Classify Matter)
  • Bookmark the Periodic Table web page: LINK


  • Look over the list below
  • classify each item according to the chart in its lowest position
  • briefly support your claim
  • explain how each might be changed into basic elements (if not already)
  • use various research tools to do find your answers
  • record your results – one recorder per group

List of Substances

  • granola
  • brass
  • pennies
  • ocean water
  • gatorade
  • pancakes
  • steel
  • air
  • vodka
  • helium


  • No Homework (unless you need to finish the first day checklist)


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