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Chemistry Honors – Final Lab Project

Dates Class Meetings 49, 50, 51 (starts on December 7th) Final Exam Meeting Period (Finals week starts December 14th) Day 1 – Preparation read the handout posted for the assignment … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 47 / 48

Dates Period A: Wednesday, December 2nd & Thursday, December 3rd Period B: Wednesday, December 2nd & Friday, December 4th Period F: Thursday, December 3rd & Friday, December 4th Intermolecular Forces Review (Day 1) … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 40 / 41

Dates Period A: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th Period B: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th Period F: Monday, November 16th & Wednesday, November 15th New Material – Phases Look … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 35

Dates Period A: Wednesday, November 4th Period B: Wednesday, November 4th Period F: Thursday, November 5th Lewis Structures – Quiz (15 minutes) students given two formulas draw Lewis structure determine formal charge VSEPR … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 34

Dates Period A: Tuesday, November 3rd Period B: Tuesday, November 3rd Period F: Wednesday, November 4th Lewis Structures – Practice Write the names of each formula Draw the Lewis Structure Formal Charge … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 33

Dates Period A: Friday, October 30th Period B: Monday, November 2nd Period F: Monday, November 2nd Lewis Structures – Formal Charge why use? help verify structure in general – FC … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 32

Dates Period A: Thursday, October 29th Period B: Thursday, October 29th Period F: Friday, October 30th Bonding Bond Polarity Examples Ch. 8 (27, 29, 33, 34, 35) Lewis Structure putting … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 31

Dates Period A: Wednesday, October 28th Period B: Wednesday, October 28th Period F: Thursday, October 29th Bonding BaCl2 vs CO2 (compare / contrast) electronegativity (p. 357) what are patterns in the … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 30

Dates Period A: Monday, October 26th Period B: Monday, October 26th Period F: Tuesday, October 27th Lab Activity [A, B, C] patterns? what didn’t match expected? Collect LNB Quiz – Writing … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 29

Dates Period A: Friday, October 23rd Period B: Friday, October 23rd Period F: Monday, October 26th Precipitation Reactions – Lab Activity see activity posted in Schoology Homework Finish Lab Activity Questions All … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 28

Dates Period A: Wednesday, October 21st Period B: Thursday, October 22nd Period F: Thursday, October 22nd Precipitation Reactions – PRACTICE Chapter 4 Problems 45, 46, 51, 52 write all three reactions … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 27

Dates Period A: Tuesday, October 20th Period B: Tuesday, October 20th Period F: Wednesday, October 21st Precipitation Reactions Double Displacement pattern Full Molecular Full Ionic Net Ionic Solubility Rules (Table 4.1 … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 26

Dates Period A: Monday, October 19th Period B: Monday, October 19th Period F: Tuesday, October 20th Balancing Chemical Reations Practice More (Ch. 3 #100) Quiz next class New Material – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 25

Dates Period A: Thursday, October 15th Period B: Thursday, October 15th Period F: Friday, October 16th Balancing Chemical Reations Examples Practice Ch. 3 (96, 100, 101) Note – write a … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 24

Dates Period A: Friday, October 9th Period B: Friday, October 9th Period F: Thursday, October 15th New Material – Chemical Reations Mass Balance Subscripts / Superscripts Examples Balancing Practice Homework … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 22 / Class 23

Dates (Each Class Period = 2 Days) Period A: Tuesday, October 6th & Wednesday, October 7th Period B: Tuesday, October 6th & Thursday, October 8th Period F: Wednesday, October 7th & … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 21

Dates Period A: Monday, October 5th Period B: Monday, October 5th Period F: Tuesday, October 6th Review Homework what are the exceptions? why? what about ions? isoelectronic? New Material – Trends Ionization … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 20

Dates Period A: Thursday, October 1st Period B: Thursday, October 1st Period F: Friday, October 2nd Electron Configurations rules examples practice practice orbital diagrams Homework Ch. 7 (83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, … Continue reading