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Chemistry Honors – Class 01



  • Period A: Wednesday, January 6th
  • Period B: Wednesday, January 6th
  • Period F: Thursday, January 7th

Fall Semester Recap

  • Return LNB
  • Explain grading rubric
  • How to ask me questions
  • “Extra” points already built into the grade
  • Proud of your performance

Plus / Delta

  • what worked for the project?
  • what could be improved?
  • should I conduct this again?
  • was it better than having a comprehensive final?
  • Reminder: Fall Final Survey [LINK]

Enroll in Schoology for Spring Semester

  • Period A = GC66J-HFXPD
  • Period B = SN3VV-PSR55
  • Period F = H9N2V-FRNWT

New Material: Measurement

  • Activity in LNB = measuring length of test tube
  • Use the different measuring devices provided
  • What do you notice about the numbers written?
  • What is needed to fully express measurement?
  • WHY is there a difference?
  • Good? Bad?
  • NEW IDEA: Significant Figures

Practice Example

  • examine the three “rulers” below
  • measure Object A and Object B using all three rulers
  • draw the rulers and write answers
  • briefly support your answers


(thanks to Dr. Crystal Lin Yau – LINK)


  • Complete the Practice Problem (shown above)
  • Textbook Sections = 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9


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