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AP Chemistry – Class 01




  • Thursday, January 7th

Fall Semester

  • Subscribe to the Schoology course (TZTQJ-N9KM9)
  • Laptops / iPads
  • Return LNB to students
  • Comments on grades and performance
  • Looking ahead to the “finish”

New Material -Graph Trends

  • difference in colored lines
  • all lines trend up to the right
  • three lines sharp spike up left
  • one line bends down left

Concepts Upon Which to Ponder

  • what is boiling?
  • what does BP indicate?
  • why would one substance have a different BP than another?

Output of Activity

  • each student on paper sketches graph
  • annotate and draw as needed
  • record notes and appropriate concepts
  • clearly write explanations for each of four trend
  • “Turn-In Quality”


  • Ch. 11 Notes Due Monday (typed PDF to Schoology)
  • Turn in finished answers on Tuesday (January 12th)


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