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Chemistry Honors: Classes 11 & 12


Dates (Two Class Meetings Per Section)

  • Period A: Wednesday, January 27th, Thursday January, 28th
  • Period B: Wednesday, January 27th, Friday, January 29th
  • Period F: Thursday, January 28th, Friday, January 29th

Kairos Assignment

  • work in paris to complete the assigned work
  • please be mindful of how you show your work
  • follow the steps shown in class
  • do all work on paper with pencil
  • SPREAD OUT YOUR WORK (skip lines, add spaces between questions)
  • No more than four problems per side of a paper and you need to draw a map for each part of each question
  • all answers posted on Schoology (chapter solutions)

Assigned Stoichiometry Questions (Chapter 3)

  • Formulas [53, 57, 61, 63, 64, 67d, 71]
  • Reactions [105, 106, 108, 109, 110]


  • All work will be collected the next class meeting (Class 13)
  • There will be a short quiz as well (Class 13) on this type of problem


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