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AP Chemistry: Classes 11 & 12



  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Friday, January 29th

Kairos Assignment

  • The purpose of assignment review and recap material from the course covered until this point
  • In addition, the goal is to provide practice answering multiple-choice questions in the topics of the course.
  • By the end of the second class period each student should have finished reviewing a specified number of M/C questions


  • Start by selecting one of the sites linked below
  • Within the site, select a single topic from the first semester
  • Within each topic read and answer a minimum of five questions.
  • Cover 1o different topics, making sure you span a variety
  • Keep track of each question examined by creating a “log” in your LNB
  • The log will identify the question source, general topic of the question, specific question topic, your answer and the correct answer
  • Any supporting work (i.e. calculations) for the question should be included in the log
  • The log will be submitted with your LNB for review
  • Note: since this is in your LNB it is not considered “Homework”
  • Also, all log entries must be hand written

Question Sources


  • Submit LNB on Monday with question log
  • evaluated for completeness, organization, legibility


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