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Chemistry Honors: Class 20




  • Period A: Monday, February 22nd
  • Period B: Monday, February 22nd
  • Period F: Tuesday, February 23rd

Recap – Hydrate Lab

  • what did you notice?
  • how about the report? thoughts?
  • questions about the concepts?
  • LNB grading (see rubric in Schoology)
  • It is UP TO YOU to follow up on missed points

LNB Thoughts

  • A lab report is like a report in another subject with specific structure and flow.
  • How does it read? Can the reader follow?
  • Never use personal pronouns (me, we, our, they, you, your)
  • Every lab report should LOOK the same – not original – no expression
  • Thought: those who follow the specific instructions get the points on the lab.

Lab 2- Oxide

  • Same basic procedure
  • determine formula of an oxide
  • same report will be required
  • what is the REAL purpose of the lab?


  • Prep the Lab for Lab 2 in LNB
  • Lab day = lab wear!



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