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Chemistry Honors: Class 23



  • Period A: Friday, February 26th
  • Period B: Friday, February 26th
  • Period F: Monday, February 29th (Leap Day!)

Solution Stoichiometry

  • reactions and solutions
  • limiting reactant problems
  • dilution
  • practice, practice (scenarios below)


  • No Homework


  • Determine the mass of aluminum hydroxide present in 423 mL of a 1.22 M solution.
  • Determine the volume of 1.05 M NaCl that is needed to completely react 44.3 mL of 1.88 M AgNO3. Hint: write the full chemical reaction
  • Two solutions (sodium phosphate and calcium nitrate) have a concentration of 1.75 M. Equal volumes of each (75 mL) are mixed. Predict the mass of the precipitate. Hint: write the full chemical reaction
  • A 3.5-liter solution of 3.21 M NaCl is to be used for an experiment. In order to conduct the experiment, 50.0 mL are poured into a beaker and mixed with enough distilled water to produce 100.0 mL of solution. Determine the concentration of the final solution. (Hint: draw a picture of the scenario)


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