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CP28 – Titrations

Date Tuesday, March 20th Recap acid-base = behavior identify the acid and base in a reaction HF + H2O –> F- + H3O+ Long Block I – Titration Reactions define … Continue reading


CP27 – Acids & Bases

Date Monday, March 19th Class Business Hand back tests Comment cards written questions? New Idea – Acids! Bases! definitions examples Neutralization / Titration reactions between acids and bases builds upon … Continue reading


CH25 – Test Prep

Date Wednesday, March 14th Homework Questions about the homework? What is the process for approaching? Test Details Syllabus = Unit 9 (lots of cool stuff!) 55 minutes work-em-out questions provided … Continue reading


CP24 – Solutions

Date Monday, March 12th Homework Review Ch. 14 (13, 15, 17, 19 parts ab only) Questions? Comments? Class Business Test- Class 26 (Wednesday) No School Friday Comments written this weekend … Continue reading


CP23 – Molarity

Date Thursday, March 8th Class Business Quiz handing back Questions? Recap – Dissociation dissociation equations practice Marching Ahead – Molarity Molarity Defined Calculations UNITS!! Practice, Practice, Practice Homework Textbook Ch. … Continue reading


CP22 – Quizzzzzzing

Date Monday, March 5th Recap Questions about the concepts? homework questions? What is the most difficult aspect of this process? Quiz (30 minutes) provided: Periodic Table provided: mole map (if … Continue reading


CP2425 – Party Time

Dates Wednesday, March 15th Friday, March 17th Class 24 – Homework Check Ch. 9 (10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 24, 26, 41, 46, 48) Ch. 14 (14, 16, 18, 20, … Continue reading


CH2425 – Testing

Dates Wednesday, March 15th Thursday, March 16th Friday, March 17th Class 24 – Homework Check Ch. 3 – 122, 124, 145, 126, 146, 147 Ch. 4 – 23, 27, 55, 71, … Continue reading


CP23 – Dilutions

Date Monday, March 13th Class Business Test on Friday (updated syllabus) Homework Review Types of Problems How to show work What is key concept? [HINT: MOLES] New Idea – Dilution … Continue reading


CP22 – Molarity

Date Friday, March 10th Quiz – Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants calculate all of the stuffs complete the chart shown in class New Idea – Molarity quantitative solution calculations units and … Continue reading


CP21 – Solutions

Date Tuesday, March 7th Homework Recap Limiting Reactants Using “the table” Predicting products Determining excess New Material – Solutions Video 0 [LINK] Video 1 [LINK] Video 2 [LINK] Video 3 [LINK] … Continue reading


CH20 – Molarity

Dates P1 – Friday, March 3rd P3 – Monday, March 6th P5 – Monday, March 6th Recap Homework Ch. 3 (146, 147) New Material – Solutions Dissolving (ionic v covalent) … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 25

Dates Period A: Period B: Period F: Review Homework Dilutions Knowing molarity & volume = knowing moles units! Surprise Quiz! one question about solution stoichiometry one question about dilution Homework … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 23

Dates Period A: Friday, February 26th Period B: Friday, February 26th Period F: Monday, February 29th (Leap Day!) Solution Stoichiometry reactions and solutions limiting reactant problems dilution practice, practice (scenarios … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 22

Dates Period A: Wednesday, February 24th Period B: Thursday, February 25th Period F: Thursday, February 25th Lab Recap Get together with lab group – collaborate What did you find? Why … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10

Date Tuesday, January 26th Class Business Kairos Retreat this week 10 of 14 students remain in class Working in class on review materials Please bring iPad, paper There will be … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 09

Date Monday, January 26th Solubility Lab finish entering lab data for all to use work in groups to collaborate on write ups LNB due tomorrow during class Chapter Review “Thinking” … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 06

Date Tuesday, January 19th Class Business Return quizzes Return Homework Questions? Solution Concentrations Molarity Molality Percent Composition Mole Fraction Examples of each type Is there a way to convert between … Continue reading