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Chemistry Honors: Class 48



  • Period F: Wednesday, April 27th
  • Period A: Thursday, April 28th
  • Period B: Thursday, April 28th


  • A 22.1-g block of iron @ 43.7°C and a 19.1-g block of aluminum @ 55.1°C are BOTH added to water @ 16.7°C. The mixture is stirred and allowed to reach a stable temperature of 34.4°C after some time (in a calorimeter). Determine the volume of the water present. (page 254 has info you might need) [Ans = 6.0 g]
  • A reaction occurs in solution between 0.45 M calcium hydroxide and 0.34 M hydrochloric acid.  So, 25 mL of each solution, each at at 23.1°C,  are added and mixed in a calorimeter. The final temperature is 30.1°C. Determine the molar heat of reaction (per mole of calcium hydroxide reacted). Assume that the density of the combined solution is 1.0 g/mL and that the specific heat capacity of the final solution is the same as that of water.
  • follow the steps and get an answer WITHOUT numbers before plugging in numbers

More Practice

  • Chapter 6 (63, 66)
  • How do I start?
  • What steps do I show?


  • finish work
  • Quiz on Friday


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