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CP4142 – Heat Check

Dates Thursday, May 4th (Class 41) Friday, May 5th (Class 42) Lab Recap What are steps to determine the result? What identity did you determine for your metal? You may … Continue reading


CH4142 – Thermo Test

Dates P1 – Wednesday, May 3rd / Friday, May 5th P3 – Thursday, May 4th / Monday, May 8th P5 – Thursday, May 4th / Friday, May 5th Class 41 … Continue reading


CP40 – Digital Lab

Date Wednesday, May 3rd Lab Day Set up Vernier Collect lab data Be sure and record observations of metal Lab Calculations process data review lab calculations compare to knowns which one … Continue reading


CH40 – Thermo

Dates P1 – Tuesday – May 2nd P3 – Wednesday – May 3rd P5 – Tuesday – May 2nd Class Business Test Class 42 Covers only Unit 11 (Thermo) Acid-Base … Continue reading


CP39 – Thermochemistry

Date Friday, April 28th (Founder’s Day!) Revisiting homework review challenges? ideas? more practice (worksheet 3: 8, 12) New Idea – Enthalpy ΔH is change in energy of a process balanced … Continue reading


CP35 – Energy

Date Wednesday, April 19th Basics energy thermodynamics / thermochemistry The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is a thermometer? [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] Types of Energy & Formulas … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermodynamics

Dates P1 – Thursday, April 20th P3 – Wednesday, April 19th P5 – Tuesday, April 18th Basics energy thermodynamics The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is … Continue reading


CP34 – QFT

Dates Monday, April 17th Class Business Recap previous week Other questions New Idea – QFT question technique guideline for approach ownership of the next unit of study Homework Ch. 13.4 … Continue reading


CH34 – QFT

Dates P1 – Tuesday, April 18th P3 – Monday, April 17th P5 – Monday, April 17th Class Business Return LNB and other class work Recap previous week Other questions New … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 48

Dates Period F: Wednesday, April 27th Period A: Thursday, April 28th Period B: Thursday, April 28th Deeper! A 22.1-g block of iron @ 43.7°C and a 19.1-g block of aluminum … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 46

Dates Period F: Monday, April 25th Period A: Monday, April 25th Period B: Monday, April 25th Question What happens when a “hot” object is placed in “cold” water? Calorimetry Lab … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 43

Dates Period F: Thursday, April 14th Period A: Monday, April 18th (canceled – retreat) Period B: Monday, April 18th (canceled- retreat) Agenda work in class on assigned homework Homework finish … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 42

Dates Period F: Wednesday, April 13th Period A: Wednesday, April 13th Period B: Thursday, April 14th New Material – Energy (Chapter 6) Textbook Chapter 6 Only cover pages 246-260 (Section … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 22 / 23

Dates Wednesday, October 7th (practice and review) Thursday, October 8th (exam) Exam Structure 10 M/C Questions FR1 – PV Diagram FR2 – Hess’s Law FR3 – Calorimetry Provided Materials AP Periodic … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 21

Date – Monday, October 5th Lab – Hess’s Law what did you find? what calculations are necessary to get an answer? how do you support that something is true? Hess’s Law – … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 20

Date – Friday, October 2nd Lab – Hess’s Law safety reminder (ammonia) Sparkvue usage Homework lab calcs in LNB


AP Chemistry – Class 19

Date – Thursday, October 1st Homework Review questions? central themes? further extensions? New Material – Hess’s Law Lab how do we measure the energy of a reaction? how do we account … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 18

  Date – Tuesday, September 29th New Material – Thermochemistry Enthalpy Change Examples of DH Mole Relationships and DH Measuring DH = Q (@ constant Pressure) Calorimetry Constant Volume v … Continue reading