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CH37 – Lab Day



  • P1 – Tuesday, April 25th
  • P3 – Tuesday, April 25th
  • P5 – Monday, April 24th

Lab Day Notes

  • OK to use tap water for everything
  • sig figs –> temperature measurement
  • two metal choices: A & B
  • don’t use “too much” metal sample
  • cannot use “wet” metal – be sure and return metal “dry”


  • Calculations / Analysis / Conclusion in LNB
  • What metal is your answer?
  • Due Date: Class 39 (long block)

Lab Questions (you should know how to answer – with support – for next test)

  • Why did I have to boil the water? What is true about boiling that is special?
  • When should I have placed the metal into the water?
  • Did the metal have to be in the water for 10 minutes? Why?
  • Did it matter that I used tap water? (not distilled)
  • Did the thermometer impact the result of the lab when I used it to stir?
  • Where should the thermometer be placed to measure temp of water?
  • What happens if water drips from test tube when metal is moved to calorimeter?
  • How long should it take to move the metal to the calorimeter after heating?
  • Did the amount (mass) of metal used impact uncertainty in the lab?
  • Why did I measure the volume of water in calorimeter? What formula uses this?
  • Did the volume of the bath water impact result of the lab?



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