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CH – Spring Final 2017

Date Tuesday, May 30th 1:00 pm Provided Information Periodic Table Solibility Rules Polyatomic Ion Chart Constants required for calculations Anything provided on prior tests this semester Will post formula sheet … Continue reading


CPCH4950 – Review Time

Dates Tuesday, May 23rd Wednesday, May 24th Thursday, May 25th Friday, May 26th Review Time Bring your materials to class Textbook, notes, computer Quinton will answer questions you have Use … Continue reading


CH48 – Molar Volume Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 23rd P3 –  Monday, May 22nd P5 – Friday, May 19th Lab Day! Safety notes procedure notes Materials notes Homework Submit LNB by the end … Continue reading


CH47 – Partial Pressure

Dates P1 – Thursday, May 18th P3 – Thursday, May 18th P5 – Wednesday, May 17th Recap Homework Stoichiometry with gases questions? application of PV = nRT New Idea (final … Continue reading


CH46 – Reactions & Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 16th P3 – Wednesday, May 17th P5 – Tuesday, May 16th Recap – Ideal Gas Law HW Questions Variations of IGL? New Idea – Stoichiometry … Continue reading


CH45 – Ideal Gas Law

Dates P1 – Monday, May 15th P3 – Monday, May 15th P5 – Friday, May 12th Class Business return Exam Scaled to 60 points Review Key Questions Tue May 23rd … Continue reading


CH44 – Gas Laws

Dates P1 – Friday, May 12th P3 – Thursday, May 11th P5 – Tuesday, May 9th Recap Homework questions – Units? What is pressure? How is it measured? Activity – Properties … Continue reading


CH43 – Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 9th P3 – Tuesday, May 9th P5 – Monday, May 8th Class Business Remaining class meetings Other questions? New Idea: Gases Manometer / Barometer [LINK] … Continue reading


CH – Final Countdown

Schedule for Remainder of Days (Text Sections) [HW Problems] Class 43 – (5.1) KMT & Pressure & Units [30, 37, 41] Class 44* – (5.2) Gas Laws [43, 44, 58] … Continue reading

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CH4142 – Thermo Test

Dates P1 – Wednesday, May 3rd / Friday, May 5th P3 – Thursday, May 4th / Monday, May 8th P5 – Thursday, May 4th / Friday, May 5th Class 41 … Continue reading


CH40 – Thermo

Dates P1 – Tuesday – May 2nd P3 – Wednesday – May 3rd P5 – Tuesday – May 2nd Class Business Test Class 42 Covers only Unit 11 (Thermo) Acid-Base … Continue reading


CH39 – Heats of Reaction

Dates P1 – Thursday, April 27th P3 – Tuesday, May 2nd P5 – Monday, May 1st Recap Enthalpy why do we need this energy? formal definition working application of this … Continue reading


CH38 – Enthalpy

Dates P1 – Wednesday, April 26th P3 – Thursday, April 27th P5 – Wednesday, April 26th Lab Recap What measurements were made? What is being determined? What are the givens? … Continue reading


CH37 – Lab Day

Dates P1 – Tuesday, April 25th P3 – Tuesday, April 25th P5 – Monday, April 24th Lab Day Notes OK to use tap water for everything sig figs –> temperature … Continue reading


CH36 – Calorimetry

Dates P1 – Monday, April 24th P3 – Friday, April 21st P5 – Friday, April 21st New Idea – Heat Flow phase change vs. no phase change heat causes temp … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermodynamics

Dates P1 – Thursday, April 20th P3 – Wednesday, April 19th P5 – Tuesday, April 18th Basics energy thermodynamics The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is … Continue reading


CH34 – QFT

Dates P1 – Tuesday, April 18th P3 – Monday, April 17th P5 – Monday, April 17th Class Business Return LNB and other class work Recap previous week Other questions New … Continue reading


CH33 – Vacation

Dates P1 – Friday, April 7th P3 – Friday, April 7th P5 – Thursday, April 6th Recap – Titration Curve what does the shape indicate? how do I know where … Continue reading